Lenora Williams  NONPROFIT GURU - Company Message
Nonprofit Services
  • Nonprofit Finance & Compliance training
  • Support services; mergers, acquisitions, collaborations & fiscal sponsorships
  • Building compliance programs for nonprofits
  • Internal audits, Compliance Reviews, and Assessments
  • Infrastructure development and maintenance
  • Fund accounting system development and maintenance
  • Investment policy development and Cash Reserve development and maintenance
  • Acquisitions
  • Tax exempt Bond financing
We specialize in agencies with multiple programs and diverse funding sources
  • Charter Schools; Education and Youth 
  • Multi-Service agencies with a variety of nonprofits programs:
.Homeless Shelters/Community Based Violence Prevention Centers
.Mental Health
.Community Health Clinics
.Community Based Childcare Centers/Head Start/First Five
.Community Based Sports  
  • Health Clinics
  • Community Partnerships
  • Religious organizations
  • CBOs - community-based organizations
Funder assessment and compliance reviews for the following agencies: